Game Design BFA

MICA’s Game Design program explores game design from a unique perspective only found at an art and design college.  The program examines the role of play in culture using a diverse and experimental approach that questions how games are used to entertain, educate and create meaning.

Students in the program learn to create games from the ground up building skills in design, programming, and prototyping and have the ability to concentrate in supporting areas like 3D animation, sound design, graphic design, and Illustration.

Alumni from that program have gone on to work in gaming and related industries, and many of them are:

  • Working in the game design industry at companies that include Firaxis Games, Big Huge Games and Sparkypants
  • Studios Founders of game, mobile app, and web design companies Interactive designers, art directors, web developers, and production artists for for creative design and communication agencies
  • Exhibit designers and technicians for museums and galleries.

For more information on the program please visit one of the following links or feel free to contact Sam Sheffield at